Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OB appointment

So the OB's office called with the first appointment details today and they booked me for August 17th!!! That will make me 15 weeks! Maybe this is me just over reacting but that seems way to long to wait, I thought waiting until 13 weeks was a long time.

My husband just pointed out we will be out of the country then so I have an excuse to change the appointment. Hopefully they will move it up and not further back.

I don't know - apparently waiting until the 13th week is common practice, but I don't really consider my pregnancy an average one. When people go through so much hassle to conceive I think that more monitoring is necessary - if only to keep them sane. My friend who is having her baby today was seen at 6 weeks by her OB and then every month from that point on. I guess I could look for another OB - there are lots to choose from, but I was with this doctor because he was recommended my our fertility doctor. Grrr...I don't like hassle, and I know from speaking with the receptionist at the OB's office...trying to change the appointment is going to be a hassle.

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  1. I think 15 weeks is pretty late myself... I guess the truth of it is that there really isn't much they can do for the pregnancy until you get close to viability, but the reassurance is great. And seeing that the development is on schedule is great too. I would have had my first appt at 8 weeks, except my OB was taking vacation that week, so I didn't get in until 9 weeks (and have already been back once). And I think around here getting seen before 10wks is pretty standard.

    Also, most women are offered several screening tests that usually done in the first trimester (like the NT screen) and if you are interested you really need to get that booked soon.

    Ask some of your girlfriends who they use and when they first got seen and call around. A little investigation into other OBs can't hurt (and if your long awaited OB turns out to be a jerk, then that research might really pay off). Also, you could ask for tours of the available hospital maternity wards and ask the nurses there who they recommend and what they think of your OB. You can get some really great info this way.