Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Happy Ending

I have been a bad blogger for over a year now. My blog was started at a time when I needed to vent my frustrations and I needed support from my fellow bloggers - during our difficult (but surprisingly brief) struggles with infertility. My blog provided what I needed and I thank my fellow bloggers for all of their support during our struggles.

We were very lucky and our 'Happy Ending' arrived January 28th, 2010. We have been so happy and lucky with our happy baby girl. She has been an angel and I hate to brag but we got off really easy. Our little girl has been nothing but perfect for the last ten months. She has been so good that she has convinced us we want to have another baby. With that said - I once again feel the need to start blogging. I will be starting a new blog as I feel differently this time, we already have our first 'Happy Ending' and I want to make a fresh bloggy start.

And for your viewing pleasure...although a little are a few pictures of our little girl...