Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Our Happy Ending

I have been a bad blogger for over a year now. My blog was started at a time when I needed to vent my frustrations and I needed support from my fellow bloggers - during our difficult (but surprisingly brief) struggles with infertility. My blog provided what I needed and I thank my fellow bloggers for all of their support during our struggles.

We were very lucky and our 'Happy Ending' arrived January 28th, 2010. We have been so happy and lucky with our happy baby girl. She has been an angel and I hate to brag but we got off really easy. Our little girl has been nothing but perfect for the last ten months. She has been so good that she has convinced us we want to have another baby. With that said - I once again feel the need to start blogging. I will be starting a new blog as I feel differently this time, we already have our first 'Happy Ending' and I want to make a fresh bloggy start.

And for your viewing pleasure...although a little are a few pictures of our little girl...


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Long overdue post

I haven't posted in forever but I have been keeping up with many of the blogs I started reading at the end of last year! I am so happy for so many of my fellow bloggers who have become pregnant during the last 9 months - in fact one blogger is going in for her scheduled C tomorrow and will finally get to meet her twins, such exciting news! And one blogger just announced today that her HCG levels are rising and she is pregnant - I wish her all the best in the upcoming months.

Now for my update - I am 22 weeks now and I am very happy to announce that we are having a little girl. I totally felt like it was going to be a boy but I was proven wrong. We've had two ultrasounds since 19 weeks and both determined that the gender was female, we have a 3D ultrasound booked in November which I'm looking forward to, I want to see my little tummy monkey dance around again!

I have all my bedding for the nursery and now we have to paint, decorate and assemble the furniture (once it arrives)! I'm really excited to get the nursery set up, so I can dress it and start putting all of her little clothes into the room - all the fun girly stuff!

The pregnancy thus far hasn't been too bad, I started taking diclectin for morning sickness at around 11 weeks, we've tried to ween me off it but I'm still taking two pills a day and still feeling sick in the evenings. I have been feeling her move since around 17 weeks but in the last 3 weeks I've noticed her getting much stronger. She moves around all the time - poking me and and kicking. I love her movement most of the time but at night when I'm trying to sleep I wish she would just calm down and sleep too. I've been having pretty bad back/hip pain the last week, I guess I'll just have to see what happens there. And sleeping is almost a joke - I can't get into a deep sleep. I fall asleep easily but only sleep a few hours and have to pee or just wake up for no reason and can't fall asleep again or get comfy. My dh says I toss and turn all night to - ohwell!

I hopefully will update more often! I have a few pics to post. There is a 19 week ultrasound pic and a few from my 19 week maternity shoot. I've been working with a photographer who is building his maternity portfolio, so we are doing a series from 19 weeks and are planning to do at least 2 more shoots!

Best of luck to everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

OB appointment

So the OB's office called with the first appointment details today and they booked me for August 17th!!! That will make me 15 weeks! Maybe this is me just over reacting but that seems way to long to wait, I thought waiting until 13 weeks was a long time.

My husband just pointed out we will be out of the country then so I have an excuse to change the appointment. Hopefully they will move it up and not further back.

I don't know - apparently waiting until the 13th week is common practice, but I don't really consider my pregnancy an average one. When people go through so much hassle to conceive I think that more monitoring is necessary - if only to keep them sane. My friend who is having her baby today was seen at 6 weeks by her OB and then every month from that point on. I guess I could look for another OB - there are lots to choose from, but I was with this doctor because he was recommended my our fertility doctor. Grrr...I don't like hassle, and I know from speaking with the receptionist at the OB's office...trying to change the appointment is going to be a hassle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I still hate fertile people...

OK...I'll start off with even though I am pregnant now...when I hear stories of people getting pregnant super still pisses me off! My husband recently decided to rekindle a friendship with a girlfriend from university. Now I have never met this girl and it annoys me that he would choose this time in our life to contact this person...but whatever! Anyways she is getting married in a few weeks and we have to attend her wedding (ugghhh)...but to the point...I just answered my voice mail and there was a message from her. So my husband called her and she called specifically to announce to him that she is 4.5 weeks pregnant...gross! I couldn't care less that she is having a baby and I didn't need to have her rub it in that it only took one month...errr!!!

I can't help it, I just don't think I needed to here that information. Some comment was made between her and my husband that our babies will only be a month a part and I couldn't help myself from saying...'yeah...that's if both pregnancies continue, since its still early days!'...I know it was bitchy but its the truth!

I'm also kindda on edge about the hematoma they found during the ultrasound...I keep checking for blood and its driving me kind of nuts. Its not that I am worried that its going to affect the pregnancy but knowing that I am probably going to bleed in the next few days or weeks is bugging me, especially since I wont be seeing anyone until my 14th week. That's 5 more weeks before I see the OB and after weekly updates it just feels weird to have to wait so long. I guess it will be fine, it just feels like a long time to wait!

Anyways...happier best friend is having her baby tomorrow and I am super excited!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We had our first ultrasound today and everything looked great! There is one amazing baby with a strong heart beat.

We saw and heard the heart beat today, which was amazing! I didn't think we would get to hear anything today, but we did and our little one's heart was loud and clear. My husband was only able to come in after the tech had done her job, but I also didn't see the screen until he came in so we got to see everything for the first time together.

After the ultrasound we spoke with our doctor, who confirmed everything looked great. He said that at this point there is only a 3% change of miscarriage, so with that news we decided to let people know whats going on. We are tired of having to lie to everyone who asks about baby stuff, since so many family members and friends knew we were going through infertility treatment, it has been almost impossible to keep them out of our current good news loop. So the news is out - we will be expecting our first baby February 9th, 2010.

The only unusual news we received was that I have a small blood clot on the placenta wall (something that occurred when the yok sac was detaching or something). Anyways, I was told it WILL NOT affect the pregnancy in anyway, but to expect some brown spotting or bleeding in the next few weeks as it will eventually detach and expel. So I'm not supposed to worry about it. My next ultrasound should be around 11 weeks, but it will be determined by my new OB since I am now officially released from IVF Canada!

For your viewing pleasure...introducing baby in his or her first photo...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just waiting a little more

I still have one more day to go before our first ultrasound Thursday morning. It has been torture waiting this long to see many of my fellow infertiles have seen there little beans at least once already. But I guess I shouldn't complain, I was blessed with a BFP after IVM cycle#1 and my bloodwork looked great three weeks in a row.

I'm not 'that' nervous about the upcoming ultrasound because I have been feeling SO sick, but there is still a little part of me that is worried that there will be no heartbeat and this will be over. But fingers crossed that that's not the case. I've also still been having mild cramps and stretching feelings going on in my uterus area, they freak me out every time...but when they don't happen I get worried because I haven't felt anything for awhile. My boobs have slightly increased in size, I already have big boobs but I got a shock today, as I discovered how big they REALLY are.

My best friend is having her baby (C-section) next Wednesday, we went today to get her some maternity bras from a fancy boutique downtown. For the hell of it I was also fitted to see what size I was ( I knew my Victoria Secret DD bras were too small and I was never really sized for a bra). Now I am 5'6" and around 135lbs (maybe a bit less now since I have been sick), I had no idea what my real bra size was nor how high the sizes actually went to. I was SHOCKED to discover that I measured 32G cup...holy cow...and I'm only 8 weeks preggo...I don't even want to imagine what size I'll end up when breast feeding, the cup sizes goes up to M! Anyways, I did treat myself to a totally sexy maternity/nursing bra that fits me amazingly and gives a little room for my cup size to increase and lots of room for my ribs to expand. This place had the most awesome bras, the brand I got was cute.

Anyways, I'll update on Thursday - hopefully with only good news to report!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beta # 3

Just got the result for the 28dp3dt beta and the number was 46981 - which I am pleased with. I called the clinic and they couldn't find my beta results which totally freaked me out because I completely thought something went wrong. But they just ended up running the tests a few times and my results hadn't come in.

I asked them what the median beta results should be at this point and they said anywhere between 5000 - 200000, which wasn't really helpful. But they said my number is exactly where it should be right now. When I punch the number into the the doubling time calculator my doubling time right now is 2.3 days, so everything still looks good there since I'm 6w4d today and between the 6th and 7th week hcg levels can take as long as 3.5 days to double.

Other then the beta news...all I have to report is nausea and morning sickness, which is more like all day sickness and especially evening sickness. I have only puked once but I feel queasy all the time and it gets much worse later on in the afternoon and evening. However, I really wanted this morning sickness, so I'm sucking it up and waiting for the first trimester to be over (although my mother was sick her whole pregnancy x2).

On a final note, much to my dismay we have to wait 10 more days till the first ultrasound. It just seems so long away. My non-infertile friends got ultrasounds at the same time I will or sooner, I'll be in the 8th week by then. Ohwell...I guess I've waited this long a few more days wont hurt.